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Three of the craziest words in education are “out on loan”. A student goes to the library for an assignment only to find the recommended book is gone. It’s hard to imagine a more annoying, counter-productive and, frankly, avoidable scenario.

With the introduction of student fees continuing to put pressures on budgets, more than 50 percent of students find it difficult to fund their course, let alone the course material. On average, only 19 percent of university students are issued their own textbooks. This leaves more than 80 percent scrambling to locate library editions.

The answer to solving the dilemma seems simple: offer all course material digitally...
Extract from article Digital Lessons to Learn, The Times 28th September 2016

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“I think it's a great tool for learning and I would like to see it implemented in all of my modules. ”
- University of Manchester, Second Year, Business Studies