2016 Wakefield Research

    Wakefield Research 2016 Survey Results

    In a recent survey by Wakefield Research for VitalSource, 500 college students were asked about technology in their classrooms and the costs relating to course materials. VitalSource created an infographic outlining the results of the survey.  Download the infographic by filling out the form below.  


    Satisfaction with Classroom Tech Down in 2016

    Students Want More from Classroom Tech,
    but Colleges Haven’t Kept Pace

    Tech Disappointment. College students are increasingly unhappy with classroom technology. Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) are dissatisfied with the technology used in their classes currently – which is more than double (8%) the students who felt this way last year.



    Students feel that digital textbooks are not worth the money if they can’t be viewed offline.

    48 Minutes

    Students need a tech fix.


    Students admitted they’ve waited to purchase course materials until after a class started.

    Most College Students are Unaware of Don't Have the Option to Purchase Course Materials as Part of Tuition

    Due to the High Cost of College,
    Students Skip Purchasing Course Materials

    The cost of success:

    • 39% of students who delayed but did purchase the books later in the semester did so because they realized they needed them to succeed.
    • 45% of students admit avoiding or delaying the purchase negatively impacted their grades.
    • 89% of students admit cost was important in avoiding or delaying getting course materials for a class.


    Wakefield Research 2016 Infographic
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