Hinds Community College

One community college tackles barriers to academic success

With the ever-increasing rise in higher education costs, students across the country are facing a staggering dilemma: to buy or not to buy. Due to the high price of required course materials, students are putting off buying their books until after classes have started or are forgoing the purchase altogether.

Hinds (Miss.) Community College took a bold step by adopting an inclusive course-fee model that ensured students had access to digital course materials on or before the first day of class.

Since then, the Inclusive Access program at Hinds has grown to more than 900 sections, allowing their 12,000 students to have access to eTextbooks in their LMS at a savings of up to 70 percent per title.

To learn more about this remarkable transformation at Hinds Community College, download the case study by filling out the form.

Everything is in place to improve learning and cut student costs. If just half of all universities implemented these programs across campus, no less than $1 billion dollars could be cut from student costs. What are we waiting for?