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Creating Interactive Digital Content 

Creating richly interactive digital content doesn’t have to require skills in responsive design or coding—not when you can use VitalSource Content Studio or the consultative expertise of VitalSource Professional Services. These solutions help you take digital content such as PDFs, Word Docs, and PowerPoint slides and transform that content into living, breathing interactive digital materials. You can even continue to update that content in the future within VitalSource Content Studio.

Creating Interactive Digital Content discussed how these solutions can help convert your files from flat to truly engaging.

  • How VitalSource Content Studio enables 1-click to Bookshelf
  • Converting existing content into interactive digital content
  • Viewing student results in the upcoming VitalSource Score Center
  • Other new VitalSource Content Studio features, including math notation

Presented by

Vanessa Boddington - Marketing Director EMEA, AsiaPac, VitalSource
Vanessa Boddington

Marketing Director EMEA & AsiaPac, VitalSource 

Lorie Reilly - Product Manager of VitalSource Content Studio
Lorie Reilly
Product Manager of VitalSource Content Studio

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