Day-One Access to Affordable Student Course Materials

Buy now, buy later, or don’t buy at all. That’s the course material dilemma college students face every semester

The rising costs of college attendance are causing students to have to make unreasonable choices to the detriment of academic success. 

  • 72% of students delay purchasing course materials
  • 27% of those never buy required materials
  • 90% cite cost as the reason

But not all hope is lost. Colleges all over the country are finding innovative ways to end the dilemma for students. More than 400 colleges and universities that work with VitalSource have instituted solutions to deliver course materials and eTextbooks as part of the course; these solutions allow students to pay for books as part of their tuition and fees.

Colleges say the partnerships make course materials more accessible and affordable, thus leveling the playing field for all students, increasing academic success, and getting the courses off to a faster start.

In the recent position paper, Day-One Access to Affordable Student Course Materials: A Digital Solution, colleges nationwide speak to going digital for all course materials for all students. Read the paper by filling out the form on the right now.

“Digital textbooks are going to be something that students of the future expect; we have to pay attention to that and be prepared for it. Otherwise, we’ll be playing catch up.”

Jason Day, Senior Instructional Technologist, University of Cincinnati