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UK Students’ Learning Outcomes Research

Survey confirms students believe eTextbooks improve learning and raise grades at university

In a survey conducted for VitalSource by Shift Learning, 66 percent of students from 184 universities indicated that eTextbooks raised their confidence towards learning and 57 percent believed that they contributed to better grades and made them more likely to complete their course. In addition, the study found that 83 percent of students believed that eTextbooks allowed for more effective independent study.

These findings suggest that universities could make significant progress toward meeting the teaching quality, learning environments and student outcomes requirements of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework by integrating eTextbooks into course materials. Access to course materials is a key issue for students. 94 percent of students report that free or more affordable eTextbooks have had a positive impact on their learning and 73 percent of widening participation respondents say they would have delayed purchasing or reading required content if their university had not provided eTextbooks.

Download the infographic and special report detailing the key findings of the VitalSource-Shift Learning study.