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Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Texas A&M University-San Antonio saves students money through Inclusive Access 

For leaders at Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA), students not buying their required course materials was unacceptable. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of textbooks, this is a widespread reality in higher education.

There is a solution, however. A comprehensive learning content delivery platform would allow all of the institution’s students to receive their course materials digitally before the first day of classes.

VitalSource works with TAMU-SA to deliver affordable digital content directly to the students through their LMS.

And the savings are truly impactful: Through this model, for the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 school year, TAMU-SA’s College of Business students saved an average of $1,374 on their course materials.

Download the case study to learn how TAMU-SA drives affordability and success on their campus through an alternative course content delivery model.

“Students love it, faculty love it, the administration loves it. It not only helps our students have the content they need, but also helps them save money and reduce their debt.”

- Dr. Tracy Hurley, Dean, College of Business, TAMU-SA